SEARCH has always been there for live event, meeting, catering, hospitality and incentive industry individuals in need of assistance. We are honored to know that we can continue to rely on donors like you to support the SEARCH 100, and guarantee that with your support of this program we can increase our give back annually.

Your monthly donation to SEARCH provides us with the resources we need throughout the year, and ensures we have ongoing strength and stability. We are genuinely appreciative of our supporters who believe deeply enough in our mission to give on a regular basis. A minimum ongoing donation of $100 a month is required to join the SEARCH 100. Some give as much as $12,000 annually, $200 a month and many other generous offerings from fortunate philanthropic event professionals. Each is appreciated tremendously.

In return for joining the SEARCH 100, you will be recognized in many ways for your giving. Donations in some countries are tax deductible and all donors will receive additional perks such as inclusion of your Logo & Hyperlinks on our website, VIP entry to all SEARCH events, Mentions from the Stage, Social Media tags and more.


 Jerry Hellmann

Thank you, Jerry!


Larry Green

Thank you, Larry!


Joann Roth-Oseary

As most of you know, I have been a past chairperson of the SEARCH Foundation Board and I continue to serve as a board member. Our goal and support will enable us to continue assisting event professionals in crisis. It is critical that we raise funds and it is an important initiative that will ensure we are able to maintain and increase our outreach and help event professionals in crisis across the globe. We are the only foundation that has help available for the "little people" that fill the ranks of the special event industry.


Tony Conway

Legendary Events

We’re so lucky to have an organization like SEARCH to be there for our industry colleagues facing hardship. We depend on each other in this business and joining the SEARCH 100 is one of the most rewarding ways you can choose to give back to the events community.


Sandy Hammer


 Thank you Sandy for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!
SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Richard LoGuercio

Town & Country Event Rentals

Thank you Richard for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!


Kevin Dennis, CPCE, JWIC

The wedding industry has given me absolutely everything, so it is my honor to belong to the SEARCH 100. Giving back to this community is the least that I could do considering everything they have given me!


Frank Puleo

Framboise Catering

In an industry that has blessed us enormously, we are so glad to have found SEARCH. None of us are alone in this industry - and knowing that SEARCH will always be there to "have our back" is great.
The SEARCH 100 is a wonderful way for us to give back to our community so that those in need or in a time of crises will know that we are there for them.


Jeff Anderson

Party Pals

I joined SEARCH because of how much the foundation means to the industry and how much the industry means to me. SEARCH helped an employee ours (Party Pals) when she was critically injured in an accident many years ago. SEARCH is a wonderful and needed organization.



The industry should support SEARCH because you never know when it's going to be you who needs help getting a foothold on your circumstances. It shows the world that you choose lift people up and look beyond the competition of every day business. We all want to feel loved in our darkest moments.


Colja Dams


We partied together when you were on top of your game. Now that you are down, we reach out and help you get back on your feet. It’s the way our industry works; we stand together when the going is good and when it gets tough. It’s how we operate our company and how we treat our staff. From Beijing to Berlin and from Barcelona to Boston, everyone can use a little help once in a while. Join the SEARCH 100 if you can, it feels good to give. And it’s great karma.

Headshot Kate Patay 1

Kate Patay, CPCE

Patay Consulting

SEARCH is the only industry foundation that directly supports our community in their time of need. Supporting SEARCH impacts and helps our friends and colleagues when they need it most. I sincerely hope that no one I know is ever in the position to have to call on them for help, but if I you are I find comfort in knowing SEARCH will be there. I encourage you to give whatever you are capable of - every dollar helps. It might help someone you know. It might help you. Thank you for donating today.


JC York

Classic Entertainment/Wise Guys InterACTive

I love being a part of an industry that is like one big, crazy family. To be able to give back to this amazing industry that has given me so much joy, is one of many reasons why I proudly serve on the Board of Directors for The SEARCH Foundation. Another reason is being able to help those in need. It was a no brainer to make the commitment to joining the SEARCH 100. Being able to help someone in need is one of the best gifts you can give. Knowing that this help goes directly to someone in our own industry is fabulous. I challenge all of you to join me by pledging support to helping those who are facing crisis or catastrophic situations.


Janet Elkins

I was happy to  support a foundation that supports our event industry should someone or a company face a crisis or a disaster. It is rewarding to me personally to be able to provide assistance to people at times of need;  especially for colleagues in our community.



Debbie Meyers-Shock CSEP, CTEP

SEARCH is the ONLY organization that understands and supports members of the Special Event industry. Whether we are in crisis or experiencing a catastrophe SEARCH is there for us, from Natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, to crisis in health and everything in between. Help SEARCH now to help others later. You never really know when you need a helping hand!


Michael Cerbelli


As a former two-time chairperson who was very proud to be a part of The SEARCH Foundation, I can speak with conviction when I say that SEARCH is not only a caring heart to the event industry but a beacon of support! In times of the unknown and chaos in this crazy world, SEARCH is there for all event professionals in times of need.


Judy Brillhart CSEP, PBC

Thank you Judy for your commitment to the event industry.



Patrick McMichael, CSEP

SEARCH to me is my "hi-five and a hug" to a friend. It my way of helping out people that mean the world to me. Every little bit helps, and I’m so honored to be a part of giving back. Giving to, and spreading the word about SEARCH is a simple and honest way to help people that you know and love in your industry. We all need help, why not let it come from a friend?


Jamie Snively

Snively Family


I love this industry. I love my family. This industry has become an extension of my family. I am a SEARCH supporter because sometimes family needs a little help. If I can help a little, I know it means a lot.


Jaclyn Bernstein & Rob Hulsmeyer

Access NY Metro

Thank you Jaclyn, Rob and Access NY Metro's for your commitment to the event industry.


Lenny Talarico CSEP, CHE


Thank you Lenny for your commitment to the event industry.


Mark Wells 

Thank you Mark and Hello Florida for your commitment to the event industry.

Turner Headshot Sept 2017

Rick Turner

I’ve seen firsthand how SEARCH has helped those within our industry, and can’t think of a more worthy cause. It is an honor and privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that understand this commitment to the events and meetings industry, and are willing to assist the people and personalities that are out there working hard every day to ensure the success of our efforts. You never know when you or someone you care about could be affected by one of these occurrences or tragic situations, and supporting the SEARCH 100 is my way of making sure that the assistance will be there if that time ever comes.


Kari Strolberg CSEP

Eventful Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Thank you Kari and Eventful Marketing Solutions, Inc.'s for your commitment to the event industry.

Kimberly Beaune-small

Kimberly Beaune, CMP, CSEP


As an entrepreneur and main breadwinner for my household it is frightening to realize that I have no real safety net. God willing I never find myself in need, but if I were to find myself in crisis I am thankful that SEARCH would be there to help. That is why I am so honored to be a small part of the wonderful support that SEARCH offers to our Events Community every day.

david adler

David Adler

Thank you David and BizBash for your commitment to the event industry.


Cheryl Fish

High Rise Events

Thank you Cheryl and High Rise Events for your commitment to the event industry.


Anthony Bollotta


SEARCH gives the smallest of us, not the least of whom is yours truly, the opportunity to help industry peers when catastrophe strikes. That’s reason enough for me.


Jolie Oree-Bailey


I joined SEARCH 100 because I remember what it felt like when my apartment burned down in 2001. I was fresh out of college at the time and although it was devastating to start over; I only had myself to worry about. I couldn’t imagine having a family or employees to take care of too. Joining SEARCH 100 was the right thing to do, that’s all.


David & Brian Gough


Thank you David and Brian for your commitment to the event industry.


Terry & Rocky Toomey


As a Company, Future Affairs Productions has supported the SEARCH Foundation from the very beginning and we will continue to do so. We are honored to be included in the SEARCH 100 Community.


Gary Bordman, CSEP


SEARCH, Is here for ALL OF US when we need it. Being a part of something this big is an Honor. I am blessed by my clients to be able to donate monthly to such a great cause. I have been honored to be a part of the board over the past 3 years as well.


Deborah Hermann


Maya Angelou once remarked, ”I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver”. If we take her words one step further we see that giving also provides an opportunity to liberate the receiver's life journey from despair to hope. Nourish the soul. Ease the hurt. Lighten the burden of crisis. Through this transformative process, giving provides a way to show love to the world around us—family, friends, industry peers and doesn’t expect anything in return. Please join me in this peaceful journey of liberation. Please join me in support of the SEARCH Foundation with an investment of your financial resources. Generosity matters. Your treasure will change lives. Including your own.


Lisa Hurley

Thank you Lisa and Special Events for your commitment to the event industry.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Michael Stavros

Information TBA


Dustin Westling, CSEP


What we love most about our industry is that it is built on collaboration; we share in each others successes as well as each others hardships. We are always inspired by the SEARCH Foundation's continued support of event professionals in crisis and are excited to spread that message of support throughout Canada.


Nick Borelli

My mission is to Improve live experiences for attendees by supporting and advancing event professionals globally. SEARCH is central to my mission. In addition, being on this list with an illustrious group of passionate and giving professionals made being a member of the SEARCH 100 the easiest decision of my career.


Jon Adcock


SEARCH lends a helping hand to the members of our industry when in need. One of our roles as industry leaders is to assist others when possible, both professionally and personally. SEARCH provides that personal assistance, and I’m proud to support such an amazing foundation with my time, my talents, and my money.


John Bibbo


Events can change in an instant, and we work with event professionals to resolve challenges. Life can change in an instant, too, so supporting SEARCH is our way to help those same colleagues overcome crises.


Pauline Parry

Thank you Pauline Parry  for your commitment to the event industry.


Lisa Marks

We know the unique and powerful opportunity that organizations like SEARCH have to improve the lives of many and effectively change the world. We became a SEARCH100 donor to support them in doing just that.

MaraRouth 2

Mara Roth

MKB Productions

Thank you Mara Routh for your commitment to the event industry.


Danny Bergold

Thank youDanny Bergold for your commitment to the event industry.

bobby dutton

Bobby Dutton 

Thank you Bobby Dutton for your commitment to the event industry.


Karl Heitz

Thank you Karl for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!


Clint Elkins

Having an events background I can appreciate the efforts it takes to be in that type of industry. Hopefully our efforts will be able to help a peer in need.

sally webbcropped

Thank you Sally for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!


Meryl Snow

SnowStorm Solutions

We are all one tribe. I recently read Seth Godin’s book simply entitled Tribes, in which he argues that modern technology can help to rekindle ancient ways for humans to support one another. We can do this by connecting our common interests and goals, working together to reach heights impossible by ourselves. We... in the special events industry are a tribe. We can support and help one another, and provide one another with a sense of purpose and community. The SEARCH Foundation changes the lives of people in need every day with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in our community.


David Lombardo


SEARCH is about hope. It’s about providing our peers with the ability to go on when they may not think it’s possible.


Gene Huddleson

Detail + Design

"The more you give, the more you get back"
Words to live by and why I joined SEARCH 100.


Meagan Crafts

Culinary Crafts


In this industry of hospitality I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to sustain and care for those who spend their lives in service of others.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Kelly Spencer

Social Affair
 Thank you.
 We are all here for the same reason- passion for the industry. Having the ability to come together as a collaborative collective and support those who share the same passion is extraordinary. I am truly inspired and honored to be a SEARCH supporter.

 Lon Lane

Thank you Lon for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!

Claudette Pate

Goldner Associates

 Thank you Claudette for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!
Portland Headshot - Maine Headshot Photographer

 Fausto Pifferrer

Blue Elephant Events & Catering

 I am honored to be a part of this fantastic initiative! Making assistance available to event professionals in times of need should be second nature to all of us. Helping each other out is what all of us should be about!

Peter Berliner

Innovative Entertainment

 Thank you Peter for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!
Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller

Entire Productions

Lives can change from one moment of being fine or even amazing to being difficult or tragic. Organizations such as SEARCH support our incredible event industry at such times. I have donated in the past, and am extremely proud to be able to support SEARCH with my monthly commitment of $100. I encourage all that can to be part of the SEARCH 100.
Thomas Whelan

Thomas Whelan, Jr.


Thank you to The SEARCH Foundation for providing crucial support to so many professionals in the meeting, special events, and catering community. SEARCH allows fellow professionals to say "I got you" when people in our community need us more than ever. Supporting SEARCH is critical now more than ever - I hope to see more friends and colleagues join the SEARCH 100.

three amigos love party

Robin, Marcia & Jeffrey Selden 

Marcia Selden Catering

We joined the SEARCH 100 because giving back is so important to our family. Helping fellow event professionals, that are in need, is something that we feel very passionate about and it warms our hearts to think we can help to make a difference in their lives!

Jamie Oristano

Just Bars

 Thank you Jamie for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!

Lee Dunlap

Quest Events

Thank you Lee for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!

Lori Harbin

Marcus Theatres

Helping other industry partners in times of need is something I am passionate about and I am happy to be able to give back to the industry that has given me so much throughout my career.


Alan Eingold & Robert Hughes

Over The Top Rental Linens

Thank you.

Jen Bertolino

Levy Restaurants

I am happy to support an organization that supports an industry that is so near and dear to my heart. The event industry is often overlooked in times of crisis, and being able to support those who really need it is so rewarding.

Susie Tell

Tahoe Inspired

I joined SEARCH 100 to give STRENGTH to those event professionals in crisis, which in turn gives HOPE for a better tomorrow. We have all been there, and part of my own success with my business is having my own squad around me supporting me and cheering me on. It is very rewarding to be a solution for someone during a difficult time.

Susie Perelman

Mosaic, Inc.

SEARCH is there for our industry in time of crisis. It is our responsibility and our privilege to give back to those in need, and to care for those who may need some support during tough times in life’s journey. How honored I am to stand by other big-hearted industry leaders in support of SEARCH.
SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

India Rhodes

Wilkinson Rhodes

Thank you India for your commitment to the events, catering and hospitality industries!

Raviv Krikunets

R5 Event Design

 We support the SEARCH 100 because it's important that our industry has a program in place when shit hits the fan. We believe in helping people when they need it most, and we support amazing initiatives such as SEARCH in the pursuit of helping others.

Dale Harmon

Twigz Studios

I have always admired the work of the Search Foundation. At the Search 100 Event at TSE in New Orleans, I learned that no request has ever been turned down which is so incredible.

Many years ago, my life was a much different story than it is today. I reached out to SEARCH and was helped at a time that I really needed and appreciated it.

Fast forward to today, and I am so fortunate to enjoy success and a bright future.

It is for all of the above reasons that I am pleased and proud to be able to step up and be part of the SEARCH 100 to help the foundation continue the wonderful help to the Events Industry.


Todd Skinner

Production Canada

Production Canada is pleased to support the SEARCH Foundation, a worthy cause that assists event professionals in crisis, no matter where you call home or how you define crisis. We made a commitment to the SEARCH 100 because we wanted to become a part of the network that supports you, our friends and colleagues, if you ever find yourself in need.

Aaron T. Tharp

Hello! Texas Destination Management

I have been so blessed in this industry, and love that there is a foundation that directly impacts those we work with each and every day that I can help give back to.  The SEARCH 100 is a wonderful way to give back to our community so that those in need or in a time of crises know that they aren’t alone.

Monique Jeffrey

Monique Jeffrey, CSEP

Willowdale Estate

My good friend, Bobby Dutton (also a member of the SEARCH 100), said once that you are only crushing it if you are giving back. I’m so grateful to be able to give back to a community that has provided me with a passion for life I never thought possible. Thank you to the SEARCH Foundation for sharing the love and reminding us that we always have our event family to support us through thick and thin.


Scott Frankel


I’ve been following the SEARCH Foundation from a distance over the years. After learning more about them recently I felt it is finally time for me to give back to an oh so worthy industry organization. It’s my honor and pleasure to be a SEARCH 100 member!

Barbara Parham

Artistic Talent Group

I am proud to be a member of the SEARCH 100 family.  The events industry is made up of some of the greatest people on this planet.  I am honored to call them friends … and when anyone from “our world” needs assistance, SEARCH is there!

Ken Kristoffersen

Ken Kristoffersen, CSEP, CEM

POP Kollaborative Live Experience Agency

 I was fortunate to attend the first SEARCH fundraiser. At the time, I thought it was a great evening out. Little did I know that a few years later my health would take a turn for the worse and that my friends at SEARCH would step up. For me, it wasn’t about money. My team needed the moral support to get through the day knowing that I might not make it. My team needed expert guidance to help them in event situations that were beyond their experience and knowledge. One never knows when or where SEARCH might be needed, but not supporting SEARCH has never been an option for me. It’s comforting to know that SEARCH is there to help event professionals in crisis.

I am proud to give back to an industry I love and that has given me so much. Thank you SEARCH Foundation for being there for those in need.


Evan Carbotti

PSI Events

Thank you

Lauren Headshot

Lauren Harwoood

Harwood Happenings

I have been looking for ways to help within my event industry for months. When I attended the SEARCH Gala I knew this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

 We are honored to be a small part of the SEARCH Foundation. During the current climate, it is so refreshing to be part of something that is bringing people together. I look at the others on this page and am humbled by those around us that have done so much for the hospitality industry. Thank you for doing everything you do.

Joe & Amy Veneman

StaffMate Online

For us, supporting SEARCH was a no-brainer. In life, we are fortunate when we find a group of passionate professionals who give of themselves to lift others up in times of crisis. SEARCH is that group of dedicated industry leaders who have the clarity to see beyond their own daily lives, who have the drive to "do" rather than simply "talk" and who have the character to care about both profits AND people.

In our mass-email, self-promoting, play the numbers society, they're often rare to find, but these are the exact people with whom you want to associate and socialize and these are the very types of people upon whom you want to be able to rely when you're the one in crisis.

And, when all of these industry icons come together for a unified purpose, to assist event professionals in crisis, it truly becomes something special and impossible to resist.

Alisa Walsh-cropped

Alisa Walsh


This industry is my family, my friends, my colleagues. To be a part of a team who assists those who are my blood, sweat, and tears is not an afterthought but a very obvious HECK YES. I have seen firsthand how the SEARCH Foundation lends a much-needed hand of help to those who experience the unexpected, and am proud of an industry who truly supports one another.

David Fischette

David Fischette

Go West Creative

SEARCH is the most meaningful and painless way for Event Professionals to receive help quickly in the middle of a crisis. It was my honor and privilege to serve on the SEARCH Board for many years.

Steve Kemble

Steve Kemble Event Design

One of my favorite quotes about giving best sums up my reason for joining the SEARCH 100 - “Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you a purpose. When you have a purpose driven life, you’re a happier person.” ~ Goldie Hawn

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Brian Acheson, CSEP

VIP Events

Thank you.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Leigh Tidwell

AFR Event Furnishings

Thank you Leigh.

Kim Romano, CSEP


Thank you

Valerie Ulrich-cropped

Valerie Ulrich


Thank you.


Nems Scarim


At one point or another, we’ve all received help from a colleague, a mentor, or someone who has blazed a trail in the events industry. Believe me...I’ve been there. Now, it’s my turn to pay it forward.

Lynn Fletcher, CSEP

Lynn Fletcher Weddings

The event industry is full of HEART. We support each other every day to produce the greatest events around the globe. That same HEART exists at SEARCH when someone in our industry family needs us the most. Being a SEARCH 100 member is my way to be a part of the Rally Team to give love unconditionally when challenges seem unsurmountable.


Jodi Gold

Siagel Productions

Thank You Jodi

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Ed Knight


Thank you.
SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Sean DeFreitas

Designs by Sean

Thank you

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Zeev Weissman


Thank you

julie novack 2017 headshot

Julie Novack


I learned about SEARCH four years ago when I attended The Special Event for the first time. I went to the fundraiser because I thought it would be a great networking opportunity for PartySlate. As soon as I started talking to the leaders of the SEARCH organization, I knew I wanted to get involved and to help event professionals in need. I’m proud to share that this year I joined the SEARCH 100 to provide on going support for the mission of this incredible organization.

Stephanie Jayko, CSEP

Knockout Productions

The SEARCH Foundation is so very close to home and my heart. Knowing that SEARCH is there for the people of our industry in their deepest hours of need is knowing that my friends and family will be taken care of when they need it most. It is with true passion for this industry and love for all the inspiring people in this community that I proudly give to SEARCH.


Dona Liston

Lambermont Events

SEARCH is an amazing organization helping event professionals in time of need. I’m proud to be part of the SEARCH 100.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Michael Rosman

The Corporate Caterer

Thank you.

Mark Catuogno

MC Event Consulting

I joined SEARCH because it is the only industry foundation that directly supports the event industry in their time of need. Supporting SEARCH helps me know that my friends and colleagues can get help when they need it most. Thank you SEARCH for all you do!


Focus Miami

Focus Miami, a dynamic organization of event industry professionals is happy to be able to support others in the industry when they are in need.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001



SEARCH 100 Headshot.001



Thank you to our supporting Organizations and Chapters



Thank you.


Thank you ILEA Chicago for your  commitment to the event industry.