SEARCH has always been there for live event, meeting, catering, hospitality and incentive industry professionals in need of assistance. We are honored to know that we can continue to rely on donors like you to support the SEARCH 100, and guarantee that with your support of this program we can increase our give back annually.

Your monthly donation to SEARCH provides us with the resources we need throughout the year, and ensures we have ongoing strength and stability. We are genuinely appreciative of our supporters who believe deeply enough in our mission to give on a regular basis.

In return for joining the SEARCH 100, you will be recognized in many ways for your giving. Donations in some countries are tax deductible and all donors will receive additional perks such as inclusion of your Logo & Hyperlinks on our website, VIP entry to all SEARCH events, Mentions from the Stage, Social Media tags and more.

Join The SEARCH 100...while you can!

The SEARCH 100


Joann Roth-Oseary

Someone's in the Kitchen


As most of you know, I have been a past chairperson of the SEARCH Foundation Board and I continue to serve as a board member. Our goal and support will enable us to continue assisting event professionals in crisis. It is critical that we raise funds and it is an important initiative that will ensure we are able to maintain and increase our outreach and help event professionals in crisis across the globe. We are the only foundation that has help available for the "little people" that fill the ranks of the special event industry.


Bonnie Siegel

ASE Group


Read more about Bonnie and ASE Group's commitment to the event industry.


Colja Dams

VOK Dams


We partied together when you were on top of your game. Now that you are down, we reach out and help you get back on your feet. It’s the way our industry works; we stand together when the going is good and when it gets tough. It’s how we operate our company and how we treat our staff. From Beijing to Berlin and from Barcelona to Boston, everyone can use a little help once in a while. Join the SEARCH 100 if you can, it feels good to give. And it’s great karma.


Neil Adams

Blueprint Studios


The industry should support SEARCH because you never know when it's going to be you who needs help getting a foothold on your circumstances. It shows the world that you choose lift people up and look beyond the competition of every day business. We all want to feel loved in our darkest moments.


JC York

Classic Entertainment/Wise Guys InterACTive


Read more about JC and Classic Entertainment and Wise Guys InterACTive's commitment to the event industry.


Sasha Webber

Sasha Souza Events


SEARCH is an opportunity to give a hand up to people in our industry who are facing serious and sometimes terminal circumstances. It provides a way to show love to people around us - from our peers and vendors we work with daily to people we've never met, who are all part of the beautiful tapestry that is created by everybody in our industry. The industry should support SEARCH because you never know when it's going to be you who needs help getting a foothold on your circumstances. It shows the world that you choose lift people up and look beyond the competition of every day business. We all want to feel loved in our darkest moments.



Debbie Meyers-Shock CSEP, CTEP

Bravo Entertainment


SEARCH is the ONLY organization that understands and supports members of the Special Event industry. Whether we are in crisis or experiencing a catastrophe SEARCH is there for us, from Natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, to crisis in health and everything in between. Help SEARCH now to help others later. You never really know when you need a helping hand!


Michael Cerbelli

Cerbelli Creative


As a former two-time chairperson who was very proud to be a part of The SEARCH Foundation, I can speak with conviction when I say that SEARCH is not only a caring heart to the event industry but a beacon of support! In times of the unknown and chaos in this crazy world, SEARCH is there for all event professionals in times of need.


Judy Brillhart CSEP, PBC



Read more about Judy's commitment to the event industry.



Patrick McMichael, CSEP

Denon & Doyle


SEARCH to me is my "hi-five and a hug" to a friend. It my way of helping out people that mean the world to me. Every little bit helps, and I’m so honored to be a part of giving back. Giving to, and spreading the word about SEARCH is a simple and honest way to help people that you know and love in your industry. We all need help, why not let it come from a friend?


Jamie Snively

Snively Family


I love this industry. I love my family. This industry has become an extension of my family. I am a SEARCH supporter because sometimes family needs a little help. If I can help a little, I know it means a lot.


Jaclyn Bernstein & Rob Hulsmeyer

Access NY Metro


Read more about Jaclyn, Rob and Access NY Metro's commitment to the event industry.


Lenny Talarico CSEP, CHE



Read more about Lenny's commitment to the event industry.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

Mark Wells 

Hello Florida


Read more about Mark and Hello Florida's commitment to the event industry.


Jon Adcock

PTE Productions


SEARCH lends a helping hand to the members of our industry when in need. One of our roles as industry leaders is to assist others when possible, both professionally and personally. SEARCH provides that personal assistance, and I’m proud to support such an amazing foundation with my time, my talents, and my money.

Turner Headshot Sept 2017

Rick Turner

Extraordinary Events


I’ve seen firsthand how SEARCH has helped those within our industry, and can’t think of a more worthy cause. It is an honor and privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that understand this commitment to the events and meetings industry, and are willing to assist the people and personalities that are out there working hard every day to ensure the success of our efforts. You never know when you or someone you care about could be affected by one of these occurrences or tragic situations, and supporting the SEARCH 100 is my way of making sure that the assistance will be there if that time ever comes.


Kari Strolberg CSEP

Eventful Marketing Solutions, Inc.


Read more about Kari and Eventful Marketing Solutions, Inc.'s commitment to the event industry.

Jackie Johnson_cropped

Jacqueline Johnson

Quest Events


In this lavish industry, let’s stop and extend a helping hand to those who are in a less fortunate situation. Remember this can be YOU. SEARCH 100 is a great way to get involved and give back, it cost less than your daily coffee! Think of it as an insurance policy, invest and hope to never use it, but know that it’s there if you ever need it.

david adler

David Adler



Read more about David and BizBash's commitment to the event industry.


Cheryl Fish

High Rise Events


Read more about Cheryl and High Rise Events' commitment to the event industry.


Anthony Bollotta

Bollotta Entertainment


SEARCH gives the smallest of us, not the least of whom is yours truly, the opportunity to help industry peers when catastrophe strikes. That’s reason enough for me.


Therese Cole-Hubbs

Electric Karma International


As a planner, we plan for so many other people, but we can hesitate to plan for ourselves when it comes to potential mishaps. Search helps fill that gap and it's great to know that there are professionals behind us to support us in our times of need.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

David Price



Read more about David's commitment to the event industry.


Terry & Rocky Toomey

Future Affairs


As a Company, Future Affairs Productions has supported the SEARCH Foundation from the very beginning and we will continue to do so. We are honored to be included in the SEARCH 100 Community.


Gary Bordman, CSEP



SEARCH, Is here for ALL OF US when we need it. Being a part of something this big is an Honor. I am blessed by my clients to be able to donate monthly to such a great cause. I have been honored to be a part of the board over the past 3 years as well.


Tony Conway

Legendary Events


Read more about Tony and Legendary Event's commitment to the event industry.


Deborah Hermann

GhostLight Productions


Maya Angelou once remarked, ”I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver”. If we take her words one step further we see that giving also provides an opportunity to liberate the receiver's life journey from despair to hope. Nourish the soul. Ease the hurt. Lighten the burden of crisis. Through this transformative process, giving provides a way to show love to the world around us—family, friends, industry peers and doesn’t expect anything in return. Please join me in this peaceful journey of liberation. Please join me in support of the SEARCH Foundation with an investment of your financial resources. Generosity matters. Your treasure will change lives. Including your own.


Lisa Hurley

Special Events


Read more about Lisa and Special Event's commitment to the event industry.

Valerie Ulrich-cropped

Valerie Ulrich

First Republic


I am honored to be a part of an organization that helps special event and hospitality professionals who are faced with a life threatening illness or unfortunate crisis in their life. It gives me great satisfaction to be a part of the SEARCH 100 donors.


Dustin Westling, CSEP

One West Events


What we love most about our industry is that it is built on collaboration; we share in each others successes as well as each others hardships. We are always inspired by the SEARCH Foundation's continued support of event professionals in crisis and are excited to spread that message of support throughout Canada.

Headshot Kate Patay 1

Kate Patay, CPCE

Patay Consulting


SEARCH is the only industry foundation that directly supports our community in their time of need. Supporting SEARCH impacts and helps our friends and colleagues when they need it most. I sincerely hope that no one I know is ever in the position to have to call on them for help, but if I you are I find comfort in knowing SEARCH will be there. I encourage you to give whatever you are capable of - every dollar helps. It might help someone you know. It might help you. Thank you for donating today.


Mara Marian

Fuse Weddings


Read more about Mara and Fuse Wedding's commitment to the event industry.


Nick Borelli

Borelli Strategies


Read more about Nick and Borelli Strategies' commitment to the event industry.


John Bibbo

Event Source


Events can change in an instant, and we work with event professionals to resolve challenges. Life can change in an instant, too, so supporting SEARCH is our way to help those same colleagues overcome crises.


Pauline Parry

Good Gracious! Events


Read more about Pauline Parry's commitment to the event industry.

SEARCH 100 Headshot.001

James Schipper

Kinetic Lighting


Read more about James Schipper's commitment to the event industry.

MaraRouth 2

Mara Roth

MKB Productions


Read more about Mara Routh's commitment to the event industry.


Matt & Amanda Allen

MMD Events


We understand that unforeseen tragedies could happen to anyone and SEARCH 100 makes it so simple to  support vendors throughout the country in times of need.


Danny Bergold

About Entertainment


Read more about Danny Bergold's commitment to the event industry.


Andrew Dranetz

Pinnacle Laser Productions


Read more about Andrew Dranetz's commitment to the event industry.

bobby dutton

Bobby Dutton 



Read more about Bobby Dutton's commitment to the event industry.



Greater Chicago Chapter


Read more about ILEA Chicago's commitment to the event industry.


Karl Heitz



Read more about Karl Heitz's commitment to the event industry.


Corinne Dudine

Dudine Family


Read more about Corinne's commitment to the event industry.

sally webbcropped

Sally Webb

Special Event Company


Read more about Sally Webb's commitment to the event industry.


Joe Mineo

Joe Mineo Creative


Read more about Joe Mineo's commitment to the event industry.


Meryl Snow

SnowStorm Solutions

Read more about Meryl's commitment to the event industry.


David Lombardo

SEARCH is about hope. It’s about providing our peers with the ability to go on when they may not think it’s possible.


Nicole Johnson

 Goen South Events


During our lives, we will all at some point or another need help from our fellow humans. Is this that time for you? If so, I know it will be such a relief to be able to call on SEARCH. It is my hope that this organization and our donations provide you the time needed to recover, and the assurance that you aren't alone as you rebuild. Our industry is so big, yet it is so small and we are all in this together. "At the end of the day it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made's about what you've given back." - Denzel Washington


Gene Huddleson

Detail + Design

"The more you give, the more you get back"
Words to live by and why I joined SEARCH 100.


Meagan Crafts

Culinary Crafts


In this industry of hospitality I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to sustain and care for those who spend their lives in service of others.


Leslie LaSorsa, CSEP

Crave Catering
 I have personally seen the amazing impact that The Search Foundation has made on several people…..good, hardworking, amazing event professionals. Life happens…with grace, we have been blessed and, therefore, we give back….it just isn’t an option. We are so proud to be in this industry and so proud that this foundation continues to exist with such a direct correlation back to those that it dedicates to serve – each and every one of us.

Frank Puleo

Framboise Catering

In an industry that has blessed us enormously, we are so glad to have found SEARCH. None of us are alone in this industry - and knowing that SEARCH will always be there to "have our back" is great.
The SEARCH 100 is a wonderful way for us to give back to our community so that those in need or in a time of crises will know that we are there for them.


Niki McKay

Blue Danube Productions

We are all here for the same reason- passion for the industry. Having the ability to come together as a collaborative collective and support those who share the same passion is extraordinary. I am truly inspired and honored to be a SEARCH supporter.